Getting ready for National Science Reading Day (and the contest!)

Happening September 22 as a part of Science Literacy Week 2021, this annual day is dedicated to reading about all things science
national science reading day

September 22 (which is just around the corner, folks!) is National Science Reading Day in Canada. Some of you will remember this day well and be PUMPED. But for others, this might be your first time encountering the annual celebration.

In either case, we've got some information to pass on about it—including details about the National Science Reading Day CONTEST—so let's get to it!

Show your devotion

The idea behind this day is simple. Devote a period of the day to reading about science. Easy peasy! You can do this in a number of different ways, including reading:

  • non-fiction book
  • science-fiction novel
  • science-themed graphic novel
  • scientist’s biography
  • science magazines

Whatever you choose to read, the idea is to learn something new about how science works and how it affects our lives. Inventions, medicine, wildlife and environmental protection, energy production ... science is used in all of these situations and more!

One great book that we'd suggest is Small but Mighty, which is written by none other than former OWL magazine editor Kendra Brown. You can watch her talk about her new book in this interview with Chickadee editor Mandy Ng.

The contest!

And once you've finished your reading, the excitement is only just beginning! That's because you can now enter the National Science Reading Contest, presented by the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC). We love working with NSERC during Science Odyssey every May, and it's so fun to join them again for Science Literacy Week in September!

What's really cool about this contest, you can enter either as an individual or as a classroom. Altogether, there are around $3,500 worth in prizes to be won!

Classroom Prizes

Five prizes valued at $500 each. Prize pack will include:

  • Magazines and books from amazing children’s publishers.
  • $100 Indigo gift card

Individual Prizes

Five prizes valued at $200 each. Prize pack will include magazines and books from amazing children’s publishers.

Whichever way you choose to enter, it's a great contest and a wonderful way to learn about science. Even better, you can get a head start if you like and begin reading tomorrow. So what are you waiting for? Let's get reading!

To get full details on both the NSRD event and the contest, plus suggested readings, go here. And if you'd like some extra inspiration, check out this video of OWLconnected writer John and editor Melissa talking about how they put together the science articles that you read here everyday!

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