This robot makes a pot of ramen!

DRACO 3 was made by engineers at the University of Texas robotics department
Would you eat a pot of ramen made by a robot? (ID 35915996 © 2day929 | )

Ramen is one of the greatest and simplest dishes that you can make.

There's a reason why it is one of the first meals that many young people learn to cook, and that is it a staple for young students who are spending their first years living away from home.

It checks all of the boxes. It is cheap. It is quick and easy. And it is delicious.

Boil water. Add noodles and seasoning. Stir for a few minutes. Eat.

(Of course, then there is also the kind of ramen that you get at an actual Japanese ramen restaurant, which is far more complex to prepare and even more delicious. But that is another story!)

But it is one thing for a human to make a themselves a bowl of ramen. What about a robot?


Meet DRACO 3. This robot was designed and built by engineers at the University of Texas. They see a future where robots can perform simple, everyday tasks for humans. Like making a pot of noodle soup!

Did they succeed? They put DRACO to the test and released video footage of his work below. Now, we don't actually see it add the water to the pot. And we don't see the person taste the soul at the end, either. But it seems like it did an okay job?

Watch the video for yourself and be the judge. Then maybe go make some food for yourself (we certainly wanted to after watching this ...).

And if you're eager for more robot chef antics, check out our stories on these two restaurants!

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