No more greasy fingers? This washing machine says so

This bizarre gadget made by Lay's in Japan is designed to wash your fingertips after snack time
Yes, it's true, this USB chargeable device cleans your fingers. (Lay's Japan)

Who doesn't love a good snack of potato chips?

Crunchy, salty, yummy! Maybe the only unfortunate part of it all? Those greasy, flavour-covered fingers that are left behind after you demolish that delicious bag.

Well, apparently there's a gadget for that. And it has been made by the Japanese division of one of the biggest chip brands in the world, Lay's.

It is a mini finger washing machine!

No, we can't believe it either

Crunch, then clean! (ID 148071162 © Chernetskaya |

Yes, we've seen a lot of things in our time, but never a gadget quite like this. How does it work?

The miniature device stands 15 cm (6 inches) tall and is shaped just like a standard front-loading clothes washer. After you've finished snacking, you open the door and place your fingers inside. A sensor reacts to this gesture and sprays your fingers with an alcohol-based sanitizer/cleaner solution. Rub it through your fingers and you're clean and ready to move on!

At least that's the theory. While the USB-charged gadget is super cute and fun, it's tough to say whether it's better than, you know, just using soap and water at the sink.

And if you're still eager to get one, we have some other news. Only five have been made and they're being given away as a lottery prize in Japan. So if you're one of the lucky five, please write in and give us your review of this unique machine. And if not, well, you can always take comfort in this fact:

The best part of chips was never the cleaning up. It was always the snacking, and you can get chips anywhere!

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