It’s on with the show for the knights of the 10,000 egg omelette

Malmedy, Belgium carries on its 22 year-old tradition despite an egg crisis in Europe
eggs omelet Keep 'em coming! We ordered 10,000 of these things! (© Dvmsimages | Dreamstime)

Eggs. For many, they are one of nature's most perfectly magical foods. They're a big part of batters in cakes and pancakes, and doughs for pastas and bread. They can be cooked a dozen ways as a meal, and are even a lovely addition everything from salads and rice bowls, to ramen noodles and burgers. (So hungry right now...)

But undoubtedly, one of the most common favourite ways to eat eggs is the omelette.

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This dish cooks whisked eggs in a pan until they set into a fluffy disk. The omelette is often folded over on itself and mixed with ingredients like onions, cheese, peppers, ham...the list is endless.

Usually the debate on how you like your omelet revolves around this question: two eggs or three? Do you have a really big appetite and go for four?

How about 10,000?


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Okay, hold here. A 10,000 egg omelette. That's absurd, right?

Well, absurd or not, it is exactly what people in the town of Malmedy, Belgium have been doing for 22 years now. It is all a part of their status as members of "The World Fraternity of Knights of the Giant Omelette". The 22nd edition of this massive all-day breakfast-a-thon was held on August 15, and attracted hundreds of hungry people eager to tuck in.

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Hey, we all need to have a purpose in life. And to be honest, belonging to a group of people whose sole purpose is to create four-metre (13-foot) wide egg dish doesn't sound like such a bad idea. Did we mention that everyone got a nice piece of crusty bread on the side?

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Wow...sign us up!

Contamination? Not here!

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Of course, you can't have a giant omelette festival without a little controversy here and there. This year, organizers had to deal with an egg scare that is going through much of the European Union right now. Millions of chicken eggs have been recalled after reports that many were contaminated by an insecticide called fipronil.

However, the president of this egg-cellent (come on, we needed to say "egg-cellent" in this post somewhere...) omelette fraternity, Benedicte Mathy, said that careful procedures were followed to be sure that the dish was safe to eat.

Sounds good to us, but we still have one question. What do they use that pan for the other 364 days of the year. Because...

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...just saying.

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