This bear can’t get enough bubbles

A 10-year-old black bear named Finn recently took advantage of the pool cleaning at the Knoxville Zoo
Do black bears like bubble baths? Let's find out! (ID 58959514 © Tsphotog | )

At every zoo, there is a huge and dedicated staff that works to support the hundreds of animals under their care.

These zookeepers do everything from medical care to feeding to interaction with the animals so that they get a proper level of play. After all, play is an important part of how many animals develop. Just like with humans!

They also clean the habitats. Recently, an episode of cleaning a pond in one enclosure led to a very happy accident. A bear bubble bath!

Super suds

The incident happened at the Knoxville Zoo in Tennessee. The pool in the black bear exhibit was being cleaned with Dawn. This brand of dish detergent is actually the soap of choice to clean oil and grime off of wild animals caught in oil spills and other similar disasters.

In this case, the zoo's 10-year-old black bear named Finn did not want to wait until the suds died down to dive in. Instead, he jumped right in and created a black bear bubble bath!

Zoo visitors were obviously delighted by the sight, taking videos and posting them online. We thought we would share one with you here, courtesy of the NBC News broadcast. Hope you all have a lovely (and clean) weekend!

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