General KnOWLedge: How do animals see?

Animals see the world in so many different ways—let's explore them together!

Vision is a very common sense across the animal kingdom.

Nearly all animals see in one way or another. But just because most of us can see, doesn't mean that we all see things in the same way.

Far from it!

The types of animal vision are as varied as the creatures that use it. And often we can tell a lot about how an animal lives just by looking at the placement, number, and size of its eyes.

Would you look at that!

In the newest episode of OWLconnected's General KnOWLedge, we're looking closer than ever at animal vision. It is an eye-opening topic that revealing big differences between predator and prey, sunshine worshippers and night lovers, searchers and tunnel diggers. Are you ready to see this fascinating topic more clearly?

Watch the video for yourself below!

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