General KnOWLedge: How do words get in the dictionary?

New words and meanings are being added all the time!

We use words in so many ways, and at so many times during a day.

For starters, we speak words often—in everything from telling a friend a hilarious joke to asking someone about their favourite movie.

We read them to follow instructions and directions, or to learn about a topic. We write words to communicate with others. And we listen to words to gather information or follow a story.

And often, when we feel stuck on a word that we don't understand, we look that word up to find out what it means. Often we turn to a trusted online or print resource like ...

A dictionary!

We are used to using a dictionary in some way to make sure that we are using language correctly. But have you ever wondered how words actually get into a dictionary?

Are the words in the dictionary in there forever? Or do they adapt to how a language is changing?

What a wonderful word!

In the newest episode of OWLconnected's General KnOWLedge, we're answering that very question. Because dictionaries do change, just as languages change.

How does it all work? Watch the video below to see how words go from being catchphrases in pop culture or the schoolyard to official entries in the definitive guide to a language.

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