General KnOWLedge: How do cameras work?

Cameras are everywhere. And in many ways, they see the world just like we do!

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These days, if you have a phone, then chances are it is filled with photos.

Humans take so many photographs and of so many things. Friends, family, pets, food, sports events, concerts, sunsets, sunrises, birds, flowers ... The camera satisfies our desire to preserve memories and to keep images we treasure right at our fingertips.

And actually, they do even more than that. They allow us to tell stories and spread news around the world. They help serve as official records of who we are, too. Without photos, the world as we know it would be so different!

Say cheese!

But as much as we rely on photography and cameras, how many of us actually know how they work? In the newest episode of OWLconnected's General KnOWLedge, we're answering that question in full. And you might be surprised by how similar the camera's inner workings are to a part of our own bodies.

You can watch our eye-opening video for yourself below!

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