Bear meets minivan. Guess who wins!

Incredible video shows a black bear escaping from a locked van, Hulk style (SMASH!)
black bear "I'm sorry, you want to lock me in where?" (© Chbaum -

A bear is a very strong animal. And even though we're pretty sure that no one would disagree with that statement, we're going to back it up with some evidence.

Witness what happens when a bear locks itself in a minivan ... (spoiler alert, it doesn't end well for the minivan.)

Bursting on to the scene

While it's not surprising that the window didn't survive Hurricane Black Bear, we do have one question. What was it doing inside the van anyways?

According to the owners, the animal got inside when the vehicle was left unlocked. Later, the owner locked the van ... and then realized that there was a giant mammal inside! He quickly tried to unlock it, and that's when our furry friend was all, "Seriously, buddy—I GOT THIS."


Thankfully, no animal of any species was harmed. Though we do think that this fella is ignoring its true calling: professional stunt bear.

Get us Michael Bay's number, stat!

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  1. The bear comes to the dog. bear smash car. The bear is roaring. The bear drive the car. He was looking for the keys!

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