Soft serve bear waffle cones are the best

As summer hits its last few weeks, let's talk about the cutest treat you'll ever see!
teddy bear waffle cone OMG, one teddy bear waffle cone, please! (@t_bearwaffle/Instagram)

There's probably no food more perfectly paired with summer than the ice-cream cone. In its original form — a sugar cone topped with a couple scoops of vanilla = perfection.

But that doesn't mean we're above messing with the classics!

Introducing our new favourite ice cream treat: soft serve bear waffle cones!

For the last few weeks, a food truck in Toronto called T-Bear has been visiting festivals in the area and serving up this adorable treat. What goes into making soft-serve bear waffle cones? Thankfully, Toronto website blogTO did a video showing that very thing.

What flavour is best? It's a Thai!

Pretty great, right? Even better is that this particular ice cream comes with a side of culture. If you have a keen eye, you might have noticed a flag in some of the cones. That's the flag of Thailand!

And while you can get strawberry if you like, these cones come in a pair of flavours that speak to the food heritage of this Southeast Asian nation. One is Thai iced tea — in drink form, this is a spiced black tea that is sweetened with condensed milk. It is delish! But then there's the other Thai speciality: Durian.

This is one of the most unique fruits in the world. On one hand, the smell of the fruit is shockingly powerful and gross. BUT. Removed from the smell, its taste is unlike anything else and has many fans. It's sweet, but also bizarre... Put it all together, and these bear waffle cones are more than just a cute face!

One last thing...


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These waffle cones were also making a stir last summer in cities like San Jose and Las Vegas. All of which makes us wonder... where will they be headed in 2020?

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