This beaver has cattle on the mooooove

Internet witnesses the most Canadian thing ever... during the country's 150th anniversary, of course!
beaver pond canada A pooped beaver takes a rest after herding some cows around for an hour. (Just kidding, this isn't the same beaver. We just think he looks funny sitting down.) (© Anthony Hathaway |

The beaver is a hard-working yet shy animal. This national animal of Canada is actually a pretty rare thing for most of us to see. The fact that they're mainly nocturnal (active at night) and live inside their famous dams helps to keep them out of sight. But every once in a while, you'll see one.

Cutting down a tree.

Swimming across a pond.

Herding a group of cattle. Hold on. Back up. Herding cattle?


This past Friday, Saskatchewan rancher Adrienne Ivey caught an unusually Canadian moment on video. A group of 150 heifers (female cows who haven't given birth to a calf yet) following a lone beaver around like it was their leader. The video below is a like a scene from Canadian Jeremy Tankard's well-known children's book, Grumpy Bird.

Beaver walked. The animals walked.

Beaver stopped. The animals stopped.

It's all just a little too adorable. Or as Adrienne put it to CBC, "[the cows are] kind of like teenagers. And I think they were following this thing around because they couldn't figure out what the heck it was. We just thought this was so funny and so Canadian."

We couldn't agree more, Adrienne. Happy 150th, Canada. You are one weird and wonderful country.

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  1. Wow, this is so cool! If animal can talk, then we must know the story behind that strange scene. 😀

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