Blue Jays’ Chris Coghlan will make you flip!

He made a Play-of-the-Year-candidate leap during the Blue Jays' 6–5 win over St. Louis last night
blue jays chris coghlan It's been a tough season so far for Jays fans, but Chris Coghlan gave them a reason to cheer last night. (© Vmdvaldez |

It may be early, but the Toronto Blue Jays haven't been having a very good season so far. How bad has it been?

Despite winning last night against the St. Louis Cardinals, they have only 6 wins and 14 losses. That is officially the worst record in all of baseball. Ouchy.

If you're looking for reasons to stay positive, we have a few. Former MVP third baseman Josh Donaldson should be back from injury soon. Same with star pitcher Aaron Sanchez. And in baseball's crazy long 162-game season, the Jays have still only played about 12% of the year's games. Anything can happen!

In the mean time, you can just watch this highlight from last night and grin from ear-to-ear.

Who was that flying man?

It's okay if you haven't heard of Chris Coghlan before now. He's not a big star, though he's had some highlights in his career. In 2009, he won the National League Rookie of the Year award playing for the Miami Marlins. And he was also a member of last year's World Series Champions, the Chicago Cubs.

He's also struggled to stay on any team for very long lately. In fact, Toronto is the second team he's signed a contract with this season (he played with the Philadelphia Phillies during spring training). But when you make a play like that, it doesn't matter who you are, you're the talk of baseball!

Blue Jays' starting pitcher Marco Estrada couldn't believe what he was seeing. "It was like I saw a unicorn," he said afterward.

As for Coghlan, he said that "You think about [doing something like that] as a kid, but I’ve never done that. I wish I could say I planned it but it was just instincts and trying to score any way you can."

No kidding. Okay, let's see that play again!

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