Summer rules Japan, but Canada falls Down Under

Mixed results for Canada as swimmer Summer McIntosh wins a pair of golds, but the Canadian women's soccer team is eliminated in the World Cup by co-hosts Australia
In just a couple years, Summer McIntosh has become one of Canada's most exciting athletes. (Wikimedia Commons/Jack Spitser)

It is a mixed-up Monday if you're a Canadian sports fan.

Do you jump for joy after seeing the continued rise of swimmer Summer McIntosh?

Or do you hold your head in your hands after watching the Canada women's team fall against Australia in the Women's World Cup?

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Canadian players comfort each other after being eliminated this morning from the Women's World Cup. (Getty Embed)

Canada got knocked out of the World Cup this morning, losing 4–0.

After so much excitement and expectation, the defending Olympic champions have been eliminated after playing just three matches.

Aussies are too much

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Australia's Hayley Raso (16) once had a back injury so bad that doctors wondered if she would ever walk again. Not only did she fully heal, she has been one of the best players so far in this World Cup. (Getty Embed)

Matched up against Nigeria, Ireland, and Australia in Group B, Canada's path to the knockout rounds (the next stages of the tournament) was always going to be tough.

But Canada was the highest ranked team in the world of those four countries. And after drawing and winning their first two matches, they only needed a draw against Australia to move on in the Women's World Cup series.

Instead, Australia took it. Aussie forward Hayley Raso scored just nine minutes in. She added another a half hour later, making it 2–0 at half time.

Though Canada made four substitutions (switching certain players for ones on the bench), it had little effect. Mary Fowler scored for Australia to make it 3–0. Their captain, Steph Catley, scored a penalty near the end of the match to seal it in front of a jubilant home crowd.

Not what they wanted

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Though not as celebrated as her teammate Christine Sinclair, Sophie Schmidt (13) has been a huge player for Canadian soccer. She has said that she is now retiring. (Getty Embed)

This Women's World Cup is likely the last for a pair of Canadian legends who have changed women's soccer.

Midfielder Sophie Schmidt said that she is definitely retiring. And Christine Sinclair, one of the greats, is now 40 years old. This was her record-tying sixth World Cup and it is hard to imagine that she will play in another. Both players have had amazing careers.

As for the rest of the team, Canada has a lot of young players to be excited about. With the next Summer Olympics in Paris just around the corner (2024), it will be up to them to refocus and defend their gold medal title.

Summer rules

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Well, Canada, you'll always have Summer! (Getty Embed)

Speaking of the Olympics, if Canadians want something to ease their World Cup sorrows, they only need to look at Summer McIntosh.

The 16-year-old swimmer from Toronto just competed in the FINA World Aquatic Championships in Fukuoka, Japan. And she was amazing.

Already a world record holder in the 400m individual medley, she won this event again in Japan. Along with an earlier gold medal she won in the 200m butterfly, she now has more career gold medals (four) at the swimming worlds than any Canadian. And did we mention that she is only 16?

After winning two bronze medals in Japan as well, Summer is firmly Canada's best swimming talent and one of the most exciting in the world. But she is not alone.

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Summer McIntosh, Maggie Mac Neil, Sophie Angus, and Kylie Masse are just part of a very good Canadian swim team. (Getty Embed)

Maggie Mac Neil, Josh Liendo, and Molly Carlson all won silvers. And though stars like Kylie Masse had a bit of a disappointing tournament, there is every reason to believe that the Canadian swim team will be a big force at Paris 2024. Especially once their all-time Olympic medal leader, Penny Oleksiak, returns from injury.

That's something that the women's soccer team can be inspired by, too. After all, in sports there's always the next tournament to look forward to!

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