Bowser is running things now!

For real, the new boss of Nintendo America is a guy with the last name Bowser. We know!
He's got his eye on the big job... (Wikimedia Commons/Nintendo)

So let's say that you have the same name as a character in your favourite movie or book series or video game. That would be kind of fun, right?

And what if you then ended up working for the company that made those things? That would be next level awesome, for sure!

Hold on. What if you ended up RUNNING THE COMPANY!

Meet Doug Bowser, the new head of Nintendo of America.

Gwa ha haha haaaa!*

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Uh, is it okay if we just call you Doug, sir? (Getty Embed)

Okay, so that news either made your head explode or just made you shrug and go, "Doug Bowser. Nintendo boss. What am I missing here?"

If you're in the latter camp, allow us to clarify the cosmic coincidence of this. In Nintendo's signature Mario video games, the ultimate arch-nemesis of everyone's fave plucky plumber is a giant spiky, fire-breathing dragon-turtle beast. His name?


For over two decades, he has been the master boss of armies of koopa troopas, boos, goombas, and cheep cheeps. And now, as of April 15, Doug Bowser will officially be the new President of Nintendo of America.

Watch out, Mario!

The only question: What kind of boss will he be? Don't take this the wrong way, Mario fans, but Doug has kind of let his allegiances be known on this topic already...

Oh well, it was nice knowing you, Mario! All hail the new boss...


*this is, of course, Bowser's signature evil laugh!

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