Brooke Henderson wins one for Canada

20 year-old Ontario golfer is the first Canadian to win the CP Women's Open in 45 years
brooke henderson Will Brooke become Canada's greatest ever golfer? She's definitely on the right path... (© Angie Westre Wieand |

Back in June 2016, we wrote about how Brooke Henderson was the most exciting Canadian golfer in years. At the time, she was only 18 and had just won the LPGA Championship. To understand the hoopla, the LPGA Championship is one of five major tournaments for female golfers—the hardest ones to win. Brooke was only the second Canadian woman ever to win one of them.

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Brooke Henderson with her latest big trophy, the CP Women's Open. The last Canadian winner was Jocelyne Bourassa in 1973—the first year of the tournament. (Getty Embed)

On Sunday, Brooke hit another huge golfing milestone for her country, proving that what happened two summers ago wasn't a fluke. She won the CP Women's Open in Regina, Saskatchewan, becoming the first Canadian female golfer to win her own country's national tournament in 45 years.

Strong under pressure

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Sizing up an important shot. (Getty Embed)

Brooke came into this tournament under a lot of pressure. As the country's best golfer—and one of the best in the world—her face was everywhere during the tournament, from ads and programs, to vans and hotel key cards. She knew that lots of people were rooting for her to win. Often, those high hopes from fans can really backfire, making players too nervous to play their best game.

Not Brooke Henderson. She didn't just win the four-day tournament. She ran away with it. At the start of its final day, she was in the lead, but just one shot up on her nearest rivals. Instead of wilting under the pressure, she played her best round of the whole tournament and left everyone in her dust. By the end, she was 21 shots under par (in golf, you try to get the lowest score possible) and had four shots less than second-place American, Angel Yin.

Watch highlights of her final round here (and listen to how into it the Regina crowd is!)...

Already one of our best ... maybe the best?

This tournament was Brooke's second LPGA (Ladies' Professional Golf Association) tournament win in 2018, and her seventh overall. Even though she's only 20, this makes her one of Canada's most successful golfers, male or female, ever. Sandra Post, Mike Weir, and George Knudson each won eight tournaments over their careers. Brooke likely has at least ten years to pass that mark. Could she end her career as our country's best ever?

While it's exciting to think that she's only just getting started, it was clear on Sunday that Brooke keeps her family close to stay grounded. For example, her sister Brittany is her caddy (the person who helps a golfer on the course).

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Brooke and her sister Brittany on the course. (Getty Embed)

And this June, when her grandfather was fighting cancer, she backed out of the U.S. Open to be with him.

On Sunday, it was clear that all along she was trying to win for someone other than herself. Mission accomplished, Brooke. We can't wait to see where you go next!

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