Canadian legend Steve Nash hired as Brooklyn Nets coach

The Hall of Famer and two-time NBA MVP is one of basketball's greatest-ever passers
steve nash As a player, Steve Nash was always thinking one step ahead of his opponents. Now his basketball mind gets the ultimate test—coaching in the NBA. (Photo 17998525 © -

On Thursday, the NBA's Brooklyn Nets made an announcement that even basketball insiders did not see coming. They are hiring Canadian basketball legend Steve Nash as the team's new head coach.

Nash's 10,335 career assists (passes that lead directly to a scored basket) are the third most in NBA history. He was so good that he was voted league MVP two years in a row (2005, 2006). And though his time on the Dallas Mavericks, Phoenix Suns, and Los Angeles Lakers never led to a championship, he did everything else a player could.

But the one thing he hasn't done yet? Coach.

New look Nets

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Steve Nash at the peak of his career, after winning two straight MVP awards with Phoenix. (Getty Embed)

For a first-ever coaching job, becoming head coach of the Nets is pretty sweet—this is a great team!

Not only did they overcome a bunch of injuries this season and still find a way to the playoffs, but they are guaranteed a very exciting upgrade next season when superstar Kevin Durant will return from surgery to play his first-ever season as a Net. He'll also be joined by another star, Kyrie Irving. Will Nash be ready?

Nash may not have been a coach before, but he worked for years behind the scenes developing young players for the Golden State Warriors. As in the three-time champion Golden State Warriors. Current Warriors coach Steve Kerr definitely believes in Nash.

While there, Nash and Durant got to know each other, so you can bet Durant believes in him, too.

Then there's the fact that while he was a player, Nash already played a bit like a coach.

How? Though he could score, his strength was making everyone around him better. He directed traffic, setting things up expertly and always anticipating what was coming next. And he didn't just pass the ball—he put it in places no one saw coming. His passes were usually more exciting than the baskets themselves!

To show you just how good Nash was at this, check out his Top 10 assists from his NBS career.

Congrats, Steve. We're excited to see what you end up doing in Brooklyn!

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