The best cat lover job ever is on this Greek island

WANTED: Cat person, willing to travel. Must like the ocean, sunsets, and paradise.
cat lover job Just a few of the feline residents that need care at a cat sanctuary in Syros, Greece. (God's Little People Cat Rescue/Facebook)

Sooner or later—and it may have already happened to you—you'll get asked this question.

What kind of job do you want one day?

It's an open-ended question with plenty of options. There are many factors that you might take into consideration when choosing a career. But for some people, it's just as easy as this philosophy: Do what you love and you'll never work a day in you life.

And if the thing that you love is a combination of living for free on an island and looking after a bunch of cats, well, you'd better jump on this offer quick. That's because there's a cat sanctuary called God's Little People Cat Rescue on the Greek island of Syros that is looking for someone to come and look after their feline inhabitants. And they'll pay you to do it! We're not kidding.

'I'm sorry ... did you say FIFTY-FIVE cats?'

cat lover job

"Uh ... we're not going to feed ourselves." (God's Little People Cat Rescue/Facebook)

Well, we didn't actually say this yet in this post, but it is true. There are 55 cats at the sanctuary and the person who gets this job would be responsible for all of their care. In other words, you need to be some kind of cat lover.

cat lover job

"That's better!" (God's Little People Cat Rescue/Facebook)

According to the Facebook posting for the job, you will "need to be able to overview them all + feed and medicate" the cats. The post goes on to say that it is a long term job, that you would need to be able to drive a car for visits to the vet, and that you "will at times be expected to handle a feral or non-sociable cat, so knowing something about a cats psychology too is important."

In other words, you might get scratched by some temperamental kitties. And hey, fair enough. After all, even the ultimate cat lover job is going to have its catches. But all in all, it sounds pretty fair to us. Especially when you get free accommodations and a salary to run a sanctuary by the sea.

cat lover job

When you're done charming the kitties, you get to relax with this seaside view. (God's Little People Cat Rescue/Facebook)

So what do you think? The job begins in October so applicants better not waste their time!

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  1. I think having a job when all you do is look after cats. That would be AWESOME! I want that to be my job when I grow up. That would be a really cool job to have cause all you would do is cuddle and play with cute little fur balls. If I had that job I would call my self a cat lady. From Lucy! 😆

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