Cat named D-O-G is a B-I-G deal for dogs

Unique kitty helps to train support dogs in St. Louis, Missouri
Being a support dog is a big job...and we know just the cat to train one! (Szabolcs Stieber | Dreamstime)

Cats vs. dogs. The rivalry is legendary.

But what happens when a cat literally named D-O-G is placed with a room full of dogs? Magic, apparently!

A company called Support Dogs, Inc. in St. Louis, Missouri has been using the rough and tumble D-O-G (yes, that's his real name, pronounced dee-OH-jee) to help train support dogs. And just what does a cat have to teach a pack of canines about helping others?

If you can put up with me...

These dogs undergo about two years of daily training before they're released (free of charge!) to their new owners. The eager owners are people who have hearing loss, low vision, and mobility issues. Support dogs help people with all sorts of tasks, from getting around safely to getting dressed. It's a real life-changing relationship!

But to perform this role properly, a support dog needs to stay focused and avoid distractions. Distractions such as, oh, we don't know...maybe that super-annoying cat next door? That's where D-O-G comes in.

This feline's job is to get the dogs used to being around a cat and to help them ignore distractions. And clearly D-O-G really gets into his job. He eats dog food, hangs with the pups all day, and even kind of growls like a dog.

Watch this wonderfully weird kitty do his thing in the video below.

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