Coiling Dragon Cliff skywalk is a thrill

New glass walkway on the edge of Tianmen Mountain in China is about as scary—and fun—as it gets
glass skywalk Glass skywalks are a big attraction on Tianmen Mountain in China. (© Vichaya Kiatying-angsulee |

For thrill-seekers, glass floors in high structures are nothing new. Many skyscrapers and towers (including the Ledge at the Willis Tower in Chicago and the glass floor of the CN Tower in Toronto) have glass observation decks that give the illusion of floating high above the traffic below.

Is it terrifying or exciting? A lot of both? Either way, it's definitely an attraction.

Then there's this...

We'll let you catch your breath a moment.

Don't. Look. Down.

This is the brand new glass skywalk on the side of Tianmen Mountain in China. Its name? The Coiling Dragon Cliff skywalk. (That is a GREAT name!)

Tianmen is already a big tourist attraction. It has a famous cable car, the Tianmen Mountain Cableway, that gives people high-flying views of the mountain and surrounding area. Meanwhile, Tianmen's plank road is a sky-high walkway that stretches for kilometres around the mountain's edge. Now, the plank road was a pretty exhilarating and scary experience already. As well as incredibly majestic.

But however nervewracking it might have been, it was nothing compared to the moment when they began adding glass-floored sections to it. The first glass section was opened in 2011. The Coiling Dragon Cliff skywalk (which opened this week) is the third and maybe the most intense. The glass portion is 100 m (325 ft.) long. But the real kicker? The walkway is 300 m (nearly 1000 ft.) above the ground below.

Now if you're just comparing numbers, both the Willis Tower and CN Tower have the Coiling Dragon Cliff skywalk beat height-wise. But walking off an elevator into a room is one thing. Walking alongside a massive cliff with nothing but open air to your left? Now that's amazing. See you there, everyone!

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