Ding! Ding! These cats want a treat!

Two hungry Japanese cats become internet stars thanks to their bell-ringing paws
"Hey, you. Where's our food?" Ding! (Screenshot from Twitter account @b_ru_ru)

Do you ever wish that all you had to do to get a snack was ring a bell? These two kitties from Japan are living the dream, folks.

I want to try YOUR bell!

Isn't that just adorable? Our favourite part is probably when the kitty on the left reaches over to tap the other cat's bell. Or is it earlier when the white cat tries in vain to hit its own bell, only no sound comes out... so no treat!

Either way, we absolutely love this pair. And so does the rest of the internet. These witty kitties from the Japanese Twitter account @b_ru_ru have become overnight social media stars. And while this bell video is our fave, there are definitely some other cute highlights to be shared.

Such as...

Domino kitties!

Sleepy lion face!

And the What's in the Box game!

Sigh, now we want some cats to play with. And a snack.

Ding! Ding!

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  1. I want to train my cats to clean the litter box. I want to trained my dogs to ride a bike. I want to train to great dane dog to sit on the chair. I like to train a snake to play fetch. I want to teach my dog’s to sit on a skateboard. I want to train a cat to walk on a leash.
    i want to teach a Cat to play video games. We will all be internet stars!!

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