France makes lightsaber dueling an official sport

The French Fencing Federation says Oui to Ffffkrrrrshhzzzwooooom...woom...woom!
lightsaber Oh! Oh! I want to use the red one! (© Samuel Kruszewski -

Whether you like Star Wars or not, it's no secret that some of its fans take all things Star Wars pretty seriously. For example, take the question of "Who shot first, Greedo or Han?" (It was Han!) Frankly, it can get a bit intense.

Like, as intense as this guy.


Yikes! And because we definitely do not want to argue with that guy, we're happy to say that it sounds totally awesome that the French Fencing Federation just made lightsaber dueling an official sport.

Wait, hold on...really?

It's true! The same activity that many of us have spent hours recreating in our basements with friends (complete, of course, with plenty of our own sound effects—shhzzzwooooom...woom!) is now a real deal sport. It's got rules, an official governing body, tournaments, you name it!

Trust not in this news, do you? Behold below the video! Show you the truth, it will!

Joking aside, we think this is kind of a brilliant idea. Fencing skills are tremendously difficult to master, requiring precision, athleticism, and dedication. If this idea gets a whole bunch of people to pour that famously intense fandom into a new physical activity, then may the force be with it!

No word yet on whether or not official lightsaber dueling is coming to North America. Maybe YOU could be the one to start a local lightsaber revolution? If decide to take this on though, just remember...


Have fun!

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