Good boy! Accidental dog keeper makes the save of the year

Watch this sporty pup invade a pitch in Argentina at just the right time
dog keeper (© Alexey Maximenko -

Ask any sports fan and they'll tell you that sometimes all the talent and preparation in the world can't prevent a game from turning sideways.

Rogue deflections, players tripping over themselves, pucks getting stuck in a jersey ... if you watch enough matches, you'll see it all.

That includes a dog running on to the field and saving a sure goal.

Did you make a good save? Yes, you did!

This is exactly what happened in a match between two Argentinian clubs, Juventud Unida and Defensores de Belgrano. After getting the ball, the Defensores keeper was making a routine clearance ... which then bounced off a Juventud player. As the ball went sailing toward the Defensores net, it looked like a sure goal.

Until ... dog keeper!

Despite this good fortune, Defensores still getting up losing the match 3–0. If only the dog keeper had been in net the whole match, right?

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