Gritty costumes take over Halloween

The brand new Philadelphia Flyers mascot has gone from 'scary' to 'scary good' in a flash
gritty halloween hockey Halloween and hockey have always kind of gone hand-in-hand. But this year, it's not about scary white goalie masks. It's all about ... Gritty. (© Skypixel -

When the Philadelphia Flyers began this new NHL season, experts thought they knew what the main story around the team would be. Obviously, it was going to be about whether or not the team, fresh off of signing primo goal scorer James van Riemsdyk, could improve on last season's playoff appearance against Pittsburgh and push for ... umm ... where did everyone go?

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Oh, that's right. They're all off getting selfies with the team's brand new mascot, Gritty.

Sure, when the Flyers first unveiled this bizarro creation, the immediate reaction was confusion and even fear. Which we frankly understood...


But it turns out that we all just needed some time to get used to this google-eyed, orange misfit. Ever since then, it's been a full-on Gritty Mania. He's on talk shows, viral videos, and, of course, bringing the fever to every Flyers home game.

So is it really a surprise that with Halloween only a few weeks after the start of the NHL season, Gritty is "the" costume of the year?

Nope, no surprise at all.

Getting Gritty with it

That's why we present, for your viewing pleasure, the best Gritty costumes to grace the internet. Enjoy!

There are even dogs dressed as Gritty...

And pumpkins as Gritty...

And ... lending libraries as Gritty?

As for Gritty himself, he hosted his own costume party recently. (He was dressed as a shower.)

No matter what you're dressing up as, have a great Halloween!

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