Hear ye! Hogwarts is now taking students!

Okay, not really. But entering Mrs. Bargella's third grade class is about as close as you can get!
Harry Potter Hogwarts And this year's homework is... (© Siempreverde22 - Dreamstime.com)

For most of you, this morning was the first day of a brand new school year. Parents love to try and build excitement for this event: It's time for a bunch of new challenges! Think of all of the awesome stuff you'll learn! You'll see your friends again! And you know what? That's totally fair. We're even willing to bet that a lot of you agree with this.

It's just that the first day of school would be a lot cooler if one of those new challenges was, say, trying to catch the Golden Snitch at this year's big Quidditch tournament. Or if you were about to learn awesome stuff like casting the Excepto Patronum spell. And would it be too much to ask to be able to sit next to Hermione Granger this year?

Is it too much to ask to just go to Hogwarts?

Well, if you go to Mrs. Bargella's third grade class, then your wish is her command.

You're in Room 9 3/4...

Who is this mystical "Mrs. Bargella"? We don't remember her from the books. How can she claim to grant admission to the esteemed Hogwarts School Of Witchcraft and Wizardry?

Turns out that she is just an ordinary grade three teacher at Valley View Intermediate School in the United States—but one with an extraordinary vision for her students. According to her Instagram account, she has transformed her room into the ultimate Potter experience. Everywhere you look are references to the culture and themes of the super-popular book series.

From potions ...

... to the house points ...

... to, well, pretty much everything else Potter-themed that you could cram into your average grade school classroom!

"If it really means that's much to you, you can choose Griffyndor ..."

So where do we sign up, right?

We suppose that this Hogwarts class may not be a for every student. But even for the Muggles of the world, you have to admit: It would be a pretty neat way to spend the next nine months.

Whether you're wizards or not, have a great school year, everyone!

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