It’s the highest basketball shot of all time

Watch Australian sports record-breaking team How Ridiculous take a basketball shot from 180 metres (593 feet) up... and sink it on only the third try!
basketball hoop What's the farthest away that you've ever sunk a basketball shot from? Get ready to have that record blown away! (© Bradcalkins |

You know what impresses people? Basketball shots taken from far away. We've all gone "Wow!" as we watch a player take a last-second shot from the other end of the court only to have it go in and send the game to overtime. Why do we love it? For one, a lot of us out there have at least tried shooting a basketball a few times... and we know that even from up close, it's not as easy as it looks. Add in a bunch of extra distance, and that task only gets harder.

An NBA basketball court is 29 metres (94 feet) long. If you were to sink a shot from the other end of the court, most of us would say, "Bravo! That's unbelievable!" because it is pretty unbelievable.

Now imagine a shot where the basketball hoop is over six times farther away...

The most unreal basketball shot of all time?

It seems next to impossible, but that's exactly what a team of Australian sports record breakers called How Ridiculous just did. How Ridiculous spend their time performing crazy and strange sports feats to raise money for charity. They've already done a bunch of weird basketball trick shots in the past. One of our favourites shows something called the Magnus Effect (just watch it, it's pretty cool!).

But this next trick shot is perhaps their most amazing one yet. How Ridiculous member Derek Herron sank a basketball shot from on top of the Mauvoisin Dam in Valais, Switzerland. The record-breaking shot was taken from a dizzying 180 metres (593 feet) high. Herron was so high up, he couldn't tell for sure if it went in! And even more amazingly, he sunk the basket on only his third attempt. It almost doesn't seem possible, but as you'll see in the video below, it's for real!

And just as a warning... it's really high up!

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