Hot air balloon record set in France

465 balloons hit the sky at once, taking off from an airfield in Chambley-Bussières at the Mondial Air Ballons festival
hot air balloon The Mondial Air Ballon festival is always a sight to see! (© Jiri Castka | Dreamstime)

Records are made to be broken. Few people know this better than the folks at Mondial Air Ballons festival.

Every two years, hot air balloon pilots, fans, and spectators from around the world gather at this festival in Chambley-Bussières, France. The reason? To celebrate the hot air balloon, for one.

But also to try and break the record for most balloons launched simultaneously, or at the same time.

More than just a lot of hot air

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They're been setting and re-setting this record for years. In 2009, it was 329 balloons. In 2011, it was 343. By 2013, that number had jumped to 391.

Then 2015's festival launched an amazing 433 balloons. Which brings us to this year. Madames et monsieurs, could they beat the record AGAIN?

Mais, oui!

Four hundred and fifty-six

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That's right. 456 balloons were launched simultaneously at this year's festival, though it almost did not happen. Organizers needed to reschedule the launch not once but twice because of bad weather. But in the end, these masters of the hot air balloon would not be denied, and the record was finally set on Friday, July 28.

To reach the milestone, the festival attracted participants from 45 countries around the world. Hundreds of thousands of people gather to watch the event in person from the ground.

And just what does 456 balloons launched at once look like, you ask? Prepare to be dazzled by the time-lapse video below. It doesn't look like much to begin with, but by the end, we believe that you will be lifted by this magical sight.

So, who's ready to launch 500 balloons next? See you all in Chambley-Bussières in 2019!

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