Ice house is really nice…to look at!

Incredible photos of the frozen home on the shore of Lake Ontario go viral
ice house "I guess this means that we're locked out?" (John Kucko/Facebook)

So many people want to live in a house by the water. The sound of softly lapping waves at night. The chance to go for a swim in the afternoon. Boat rides after dinner.

And, of course, who can forget the beauty of having your entire home encased in ice?

Wait, what? Is that for real?

Yes, that's a real house!

ice house collection
The front and deck of the now famous "ice house" of Webster, New York. (John Kucko/Facebook)

These pictures aren't some photoshopped phonies. This so-called ice house in Webster, New York, is the real sealed deal (as in "sealed in ice"). Webster is a town on the southern shore of Lake Ontario. Recently, it spent about a week enduring blizzards, high winds, freezing temperatures, and humid air off the lake. This weather combination kind of turned the winds hitting the shore into a powerful ice machine.

That was all that was needed to turn this one home into Queen Elsa's beachfront cottage. The pictures were taken by professional photographer John Kucko. Kucko apparently goes to this area often to take pictures of sunsets, but he was not prepared for what he found this weekend.

This video lets you get up c-c-close and p-p-personal with the shivering structure.

It's snow-thing unusual

These images are pretty incredible, but this weather isn't that strange for this part of the United States. Nearby Buffalo, New York, is also famous for its frosty weather and lake-effect snow (a term for how winds "pick up" moisture as they travel across a lake, then dump it as snow on the shore). Only last year, a car parked along the shores of Lake Erie was completely encased in ice. A tow truck company had to come by to break the car out of its shell (because if you thought that car's owner was walking to work in that weather, you're nuts!).

So the next time that you're complaining about winter weather, just remember this. As long as your home isn't entirely sealed in six inches of ice, you're really not doing too badly! Now if you'll excuse us, we're going to go sit by a fire for a while. Brrrr!

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