‘Indiana Jones of the Art World’ finds lost Picasso

Dutch art detective locates a stolen Picasso painting... twenty years after it disappeared!
One of Spanish painter Pablo Picasso's personal favourite paintings (not pictured) has been recovered by an incredible art detective. (© MaxiSports - Dreamstime.com)

Indiana Jones is a well-known character in movie history. The fictional Dr. Henry "Indiana" Jones was a professor of archeology... and a world-traveling, bad-guy-smashing, artifact-hunting superstar! Whether you were searching for hallowed stones of power or crystal alien skulls, Indiana Jones was your guy.

Of course, he was only a character in a movie.



No case is too tough!

No, it's true. Dr. Jones was just a character in a movie. But a Dutch art detective named Arthur Brand is kind of making us believe in the idea of a real life Indy.

You see, Brand is known as the 'Indiana Jones of the Art World'. What does that mean, exactly? From prized paintings to curious sculptures, he tracks down lost works of art. Here he is in November 2018 posing with a stolen mosaic from Cyprus that he recovered.

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Found it! (Getty Embed)

This picture here is from earlier this year, when he recovered two limestone reliefs (carved drawings) that were stolen from a Spanish church in 2004. They date back to the 7th century!

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Found these, too! (Getty Embed)

Amazing, right? Just recently though, Arthur Brand made his biggest discovery yet. He recovered a lost Picasso painting worth an estimated $37 million CDN!!

Like the plot of a movie!

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Valuable stolen art could be hidden anywhere... maybe even behind this wall! (Getty Embed)

The painting, Buste de Femme, was one of Picasso's favourites—it hung in his home until 1973 when he died. Eventually, it was sold to billionaire Sheikh Abdul Mohsen Abdulmalik al-Sheikh, who hung it in his luxury yacht, the Coral Island.

In 1999, it was mysteriously stolen off the yacht. International authorities were called in, rewards of over half a million dollars were announced... nothing worked. The painting was assumed to be lost or destroyed. Then, around three years ago, Arthur Brand got on the case.

It took endless phone calls, meetings, and searching all across Europe. He found a guy in Amsterdam who had it for a little while... he was getting warm. Then finally, on March 14... success! The Picasso was found!

Where it belongs

And where is the painting now?

Well, each time Brand finds these works of art, the pattern is the same. He works closely with the police, and quickly hands it over to the proper authorities or owners.

Or in another way of putting it...


You tell them, Art-iana Jones!

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