Happy International Waffle Day everyone!

Thanks to Sweden's sense of humour, today is a day where these crisp, fluffy treats reign supreme
Do you love waffles? Well then, today is your lucky day! (© Iceflame1991 - Dreamstime.com)

March 25 is International Waffle Day. As days of recognition go, it's not exactly the most serious one that you'll ever encounter.

But who says that such things always have to have deep importance? Sometimes, you just want a day that says, "Hey you! Yes, you there! Go eat a waffle—right now!"

Yes, sir!

But before you grab the syrup and dutifully follow your orders, let's talk about the 'why' behind Waffle Day. Or the varför behind it.

Sweden's gift to us all

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Swedish waffles are heart-shaped, as well as thinner than Belgian and North American waffles. Can you feel the love? (Getty Embed)

International Waffle Day has its origins in Sweden. And Christianity.

You see, March 25 is nine months from Christmas (a.k.a. Jesus' birthday) and is known as Annunciation Day. Christians believe this is the day that Mary learned she was going to have a baby and that the baby was the Son of God.

Right, so what does this have to do with waffles? No, the Virgin Mary was not a big waffle-eater (that we know of, anyway). In Swedish, Annunciation Day is known as Vårfrudagen, meaning 'Our Lady Day'. And Vårfrudagen just happens to sound kind of similar to Våffledagen. And that means (say it with us, everyone)... Waffle Day!

So the Swedes, knowing a great idea when they saw one, quickly turned the religious day of celebration into an awesome waffle feast as well. Thanks, Sweden.

Fire up the waffle iron!

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