Javelina running to our hearts

This viral account is the kind of simple and silly meme that we need right now
javelina A collared javelina, not running anywhere. (Fir0002/Flagstaffotos/Wikimedia Commons)

The javelina is an animal you either know and love or haven't the faintest clue of. (And if you're in the second group, it probably wouldn't help if we told you that this animal is also called a peccary. See? Still no clue!)

But to get everyone on the same page, the javelina is a pig-like hoofed mammal. They are not pigs, nor are they feral pigs (also known as razorbacks, feral pigs are common across the southern United States). These medium-sized mammals are native to Central and South America, as well as some parts of the southern US.

They live in herds, are omnivorous, and they can run.

Like, really run quite fast.

Run javelina, run!

Back in February, a javelina in Tuscon, Arizona was caught on camera going for a super sprint along the roadside. Then someone had the bright idea to pair this image with music.

And that's when things really took off.

Called @javelinarunningto, this viral account features video after video of the same 12-second clip set to all kinds of pop songs. It's simple. It's silly. And it's exactly what we need right now.

We've linked to a few of our favourite clips below. Enjoy and feel the breeze of freedom as this little javelina runs and runs and runs and runs...

Is there a song that you think would be a good fit with this critter? Let us know below!

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