Jellyfish spins round and round in a bubble ring

The incident was captured on video by photographer
bubble ring It looks beautiful. But if you're a jellyfish, this bubble ring is one dizzy ride! (© Allexxandar -

Whether in the pool or the bath, who doesn't love blowing bubbles? And if you're underwater, watching pockets of air float to the surface is a simple pleasure that we can all relate to. It's just so soothing.

Unless you're a tiny jellyfish caught in a bubble ring!


So what exactly happened here? Believe it or not, it was all started by a person blowing bubbles!

Photographer Victor Devalles was diving in waters near Spain's Balearic Islands when he spied a tiny jellyfish alone in a pristine blue sea. He decided to try and blow a bubble ring, which would then float up around the jellyfish so that he could get a perfect video.

Making a bubble ring is simpler than it sounds (though you do need a little luck). You have to be at least 1.5 metres deep and the bubble needs to be wide enough for this to happen. The heavier pressure below the bubble pushes upward. Usually this breaks the big bubble into a bunch of smaller bubbles. But sometimes, it turn the bubble into a beautiful ring.

The only problem? That same pressure that turns the pillowy bubble into a ring? It also turns the ring into a tube of rapidly spinning air! That's why when the ring hit the jellyfish (instead of passing around it as planned), it sent the tiny creature spinning helplessly.

In the end, the jellyfish was fine. In fact, if you turn up the volume and listen on headphones, you can hear it say to Devalles, "Again! Again!"

Don't believe us? Hmm...better watch the video once more, just to be sure!

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