And now, kangaroos hopping through the snow!

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kangaroos "Of course I don't own a parka! Wait, why do you ask?" (© Bradley Blackburn -

The kangaroo is one of the world's most iconic and unique animals. Not only does it distinctly represent the only country in which it is found — Australia — it is utterly unlike any other animal on Earth.

Even compared to other animals that hop (such as rabbits or frogs), roos do it their own way. The sight of a herd of kangaroos hopping across the landscape is both peaceful and powerful.

But this? This is something else entirely.

Unusual weather

So just what is going on here? Snow isn't exactly unheard of in Australia. In fact, the country even has a mountain range called the Snowy Mountains! But those are mountain ranges. High elevations get snow — that's true around the world.

But day to day, most Australians can easily live their lives never seeing snow, even in winter. But a recent punch of Antarctic air over southeast Australia gifted these communities with something they almost never get: a snowfall.

And of course, this includes the wildlife, like kangaroos! These roos were seen hopping by the road in the state of New South Wales. The video doesn't last long, but it's a strangely magical image all the same. Kangaroos and snow. Maybe Santa will have a whole new way of doing his rounds this winter!

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  1. “Maybe Santa will a whole new way of doing his rounds this year!” Does that mean he’s gonna start using kangaroos instead of reindeer? And more importantly, will there be a red nosed KANGAROO?

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