‘La speranza’ challenge hits a high note of silliness

These opera singers are putting the High C in 'COVID Quarantine'
la speranza Can you hit a High C? The 'la speranza' challenge wants to know! (© Frantisek Chmura - Dreamstime.com)

It's safe to say that we're all going a little bit nuts these days. But strange times like this can also be fodder for the most inspired and most ridiculous challenges. Perhaps you're already engaging in some video mayhem with your friends... or your cats...

@willowandblazeyAnyone got any loo rolls??? ##nolooroll ##fyp ##cats ##jump ##meow♬ Level Up - Ciara

The point being, any challenge works, so long as everyone commits. Be the quest, you adventurers and artists!

One of the odder challenges that we've seen though is the 'la speranza' challenge.

You C, I C, Everybody High C!

One of the biggest moments in Puccini's famous opera La Bohème is when the singer sings the words "la speranza" and hits what is called a 'High C'. This is one of the highest notes a tenor can hit and he holds it for a pretty long time. (A tenor is a male singer who sings in a higher range of notes.)

So what if tenors around the world challenged each other to their best High C? Oh, it's on!

Sure enough, faster than you could stack toilet paper in front of a cat, things got a bit silly!

Mexican-American tenor Arturo Chacón Cruz was in a juggling mood.

Italian-Argentinian Santiago Ballerini showed why you shouldn't sing and slice onions.

American Brian Michael Moore took his pipes to the bathroom sink for a 20-second wash-off.

But our favourite is Canadian tenor Josh Lovell who managed to stretch his High C to day-long lengths from the start of his day, through breakfast, yoga, video games, a book, and the end of the day.

Have you got a High C in you? Give it a go!

By the way, 'speranza' means 'hope' in Italian, making it a great word to be singing at the top of your lungs these days. High C you later!

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  1. It says video restricted when i click on the: American Brian Michael Moore took his pipes to the bathroom sink for a 20-second wash-off. video.

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