Face it! You’d look great as a LEGO mosaic

Feature attraction at the London Leicester Square flagship store is like looking in a mirror
lego flagship mosaic The massive LEGO flagship store in London is the world's biggest. (© I Wei Huang | Dreamstime.com)

LEGO is a big deal. The Danish building blocks are pretty much the hottest toys (and movies and video games) on the planet, and with good reason. LEGO is a toy of the imagination. Yes, you can buy more pre-designed building sets than ever before. But once those are built, you, master builder that you are, can pull them apart and create whatever you dream up. The possibilities are nearly limitless.

And now, thanks to a machine called The Mosaic Maker (located in the recently opened London flagship store in Leicester Square), you can build perhaps the ultimate LEGO project.


Hey, you look familiar

The Mosaic Maker is like a photo booth crossed with a LEGO vending machine. Step inside, take a photo of yourself, centre it just so on the screen, and Bingo! The machine assembles a collection of 4,502 yellow, white, grey, charcoal and black 1 x 1 pieces. The design? A replication of the photo that you just took. You get to build YOU!

Getting your own Mosaic set (or Personalized Mosaic Portrait #40179) costs £99 (about $160 CDN). We'll let this handy dandy video show you how it works.

Just the tip of the ice-brick

And if that sounds pretty cool, well, you'll love the rest of this flagship store, which just happens to be the biggest LEGO store in the world. There is...

a life-size subway train car...

a diorama of London...

a model of Big Ben...

and more LEGO than you could build in a lifetime!

Can't you just picture yourself there already? Us, too!

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  1. wow!!! that is so cool…I wish that I could like LIVE there it would be so cool! who wouldn’t want to live there, SIGN ME UP!!!!!! 😛 😛 😛 😛 😛 😛 😛 😛 😛 😛

  2. 😮 😮 😮 😮
    That is really cool! My fav Lego brand is LEGO Ninjago can you do something about that, maybe a story or contest?

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