Manitoba snow maze is aiming to break records

... and in the mean time, it's also a fun way to spend a winter's day
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Are you a puzzle type of person? Do you like crosswords?

We have a bit of a thing for the classic maze. It's challenging, tests your memory, and your ability to visualize what might come next. And that goes double for a life-size maze that you walk through yourself.

Often these mazes are made from things like shrubs, or are cut into cornfields. In fact, one place that is famous for that second type of maze is, wait for it, A Maze In Corn—a rural theme park found near Saint Adolphe, Manitoba, just south of Winnipeg. They also have zip lines, hayrides, pony rides, and even a Haunted Forest in autumn. And this year, they've expanded their roster to include a snow maze.


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And it just might be a record breaker ...

Snow way out!

The maze took 300 truckloads of snow and three weeks of work to complete. It is estimated that the entire pathway of the maze measures over a kilometre, but exactly how long is a tightly guarded secret for now.


Because the owner Clint Masse and his family have their sights set on a Guinness World Record! They don't want any secrets about their maze's size being revealed until after Guinness pays them a visit next month.

You see, currently the world record is held by Fort William Historical Park in Thunder Bay, Ontario in 2015. And lo and behold, Fort William will be building their own maze again this February, as they do during every year's Voyageur Winter Carnival.


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So one thing seems clear. By the end of February, the world's biggest snow maze will have been built somewhere in Canada. But will it be in Manitoba or Ontario?

Take a look at A Maze In Corn's entry below.

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