Mexico shakes—literally—during upset win

Their Sunday victory over defending champions Germany caused tremors recorded by seismological equipment
Mexico germany This always looked like it would be an exciting match, and it didn't disappoint! (© Khanxxx11 |

We're now on Day Five of the World Cup in Russia, which features a powerhouse Belgian team playing Panama and former winner, England against Tunisia. But most fans are still recovering from what they witnessed yesterday.

A tournament that was still waiting for a big upset finally got it on Sunday when Mexico defeated Germany 1–0.

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Young Mexico striker Hirving Lozano celebrates after scoring against Germany on Sunday. (Getty Embed)

Make no mistake, Mexico is a proud and skilled football nation that is ranked 15th in the world. But Germany, on the other hand ... this is the number one ranked team that we're talking about. They're the defending champions, having won in Brazil in 2014. And in World Cup qualifying matches, they had gone 10 wins and zero losses, scoring 43 goals and allowing only four.

In other words, this Mexican victory isn't shocking because Mexico isn't good. It's because Germany is as good as a team gets. So just how did Mexico celebrate such a momentous opening win?

They caused an earthquake, naturally.


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If Mexico is this excited after their first game ... (Getty Embed)

Okay, perhaps not a true earthquake—the tremors were not strong enough to be rated as much more than a microquake, which is not felt by people when they occur naturally. Only sensitive seismographs—equipment that measures tremors in the ground—are able to even detect these and there are millions of them every year.

Still, when your fans celebrate so hard that it makes the ground shake, the Mexican national team has to love their chances in Russia. Ve a México, vete!

Watch Hirving Lozano's winning goal below. And subscribers, don't forget to read about Hirving and the other potential breakout stars of this year's World Cup in Issue 47 of the OWLconnected eMag!

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