Moose on the loose stays cool in a pool!

Last week an Ottawa family got a morning surprise when a moose decided to take a backyard swim
moose "Ummm... you know, maybe I'll wait a bit to go for my morning swim. The pool looks crowded!" (Paul Koch)

Summer is just around the corner, and most of the country has already had a few hot days. Hopefully you've had a chance to enjoy them!

We're all still waiting to see what our summer days are going to be like in this time of quarantine and social distancing. But we're happy to know that at least one animal has already hit the pool.

A moose!

Ahhh... that's better

The spur-of-the-moment dip happened on May 29 in the backyard pool of Paul and Marilyn Koch of Ottawa.

Paul had just woken up around 7am and went to get some breakfast when he notice the accidental intruder thrashing about in the water!

"There's a cover on the pool all the time at night," he told CBC. "I think she may have stepped on it thinking she could walk on it, and that's how she got in there."

In the end, the female moose stayed there until about 11am. Then she got out, hopped a couple fences, and made her way back to the nearby woods, safe and sound.

Watch this wild encounter for yourself in this video from the Ottawa Sun below!

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  1. Caption under photo from above: “The pool looks crowded!”
    Me: “There’s just a moose in there, that’s it.”

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