This moose on the loose is all white!

Photographer in Sweden caught the rare white moose on video for us all to enjoy
white moose A white moose going for a swim. Definitely not something you see every day. (Screenshot from YouTube/Hans Nilsson)

So summer is winding down.

Maybe you're sitting around the house right now trying to think of something fun to do.

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"So... bored..." (Getty Embed)

Or perhaps you're just a little sad about this super fun season coming to a close...

But hey, we've got your back. We've not only got some great ideas for something to do with your last few summer days, but it should also cheer you up quick! Ready?

Presenting a white moose going for a swim!

Yep! A white moose! Okay, first have a look...

This moose was caught on camera in Sweden by a man named Hans Nilsson. Nilsson was out for a hike a couple weeks ago when he came across this rare majestic beast. Only 100 live in the wild in Sweden.

Nilsson called it an "experience to meet such a stately animal up close." We can only imagine—it's pretty spectacular just seeing it like this!

Swim! Hike!

Anyway, if you were feeling a little glum, hopefully we cheered you up some.

And if you're bored and looking for something to do, perhaps you could go for a swim like our pale friend here? (Maybe in a pool though, not a river.)

Or why not organize a hike like Nilsson? You may not come across a white moose, but then again... who's to say?

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