New Zealand man catches cellphone while on roller coaster

We're not sure how he did it, but you can watch this epic catch in the video below!
caught cellphone roller coaster "Oops! Uh, can you grab that?" The Shambhala coaster at Port Aventura Park in Barcelona. (© Balakate -

Sometimes no matter how many times you see a particular human feat, it's still kind of mind-blowing. Whether it's a dance routine or musical performance, or the way an athlete performs under pressure, each viewing leaves you just as wowed and baffled as the first time.

This video might not be as impressive as say, a certain 19-year-old tennis player winning her country's first major tournament over the greatest of all time (we still can't get enough of that!), but it's pretty darn amazing!

Behold, a man riding a roller coaster and then, in a split second, catching the cellphone that a passenger ahead of him dropped!

Just let me catch this call...

Did that really happen? Yes, it did!

The guy in the video is a New Zealand fistball player named Samuel Kempf. (For those who don't know, fistball is kind of like a cousin of volleyball that is played outdoors on a large field.) He was on holidays at the Port Aventura Park amusement grounds near Barcelona, Spain.

He decided to ride the park's famous Shambhala roller coaster and then, while traveling at over 120 km/h (80 mph), grabbed another rider's cellphone out of midair. And, to be honest, he looked unbelievably calm while doing it, too. Way to go, Samuel!

Thankfully for all of us, the moment was caught by onboard cameras installed to give people a souvenir of their ride. So we get to watch and puzzle about how Sam catches this phone so smoothly. Is it his natural athleticism? Was the coaster just traveling in a way that allowed the phone to appear to hang in front of him?

Either way, we need to watch that again! Perhaps you do, too?

Oh, look... here it is!

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  1. The music really suited the video *dun dun dun dun* *someone dropped their cell phone* oh I caught it! ?
    Also I’ve been to the Port Aventura park once with my family!

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