This NHL coach wants you to call mom!

Columbus Blue Jackets coach John Tortorella decided to answer that call
call mom tortorella Though we doubt that Coach Tortorella would answer a call from mom during a game, he did have time to speak during a recent press conference. (© Jerry Coli -

John Tortorella is not known for being warm and fuzzy.

The head coach for the Columbus Blue Jackets—who won a Stanley Cup coaching Tampa Bay in 2004—has a reputation for being one of the grumpiest bench bosses in the league. But even he has the good manners to know this golden rule.

When your mom calls, you always answer the phone.

Let me get that for you

As you may have figured out, that wasn't Tortorella's own mother on the phone. Instead, the phone belonged to Tom Reed, a reporter for the sports website, The Athletic.

This past Monday, Reed and his fellow reporters were catching up with Tortorella on trade deadline day in the league (that's the last day that teams can make trades this season). The Blue Jackets were one of the busiest teams in the league, bringing in forwards Matt Duchene and Ryan Dzingel from Ottawa, defenseman Adam McQuaid from the New York Rangers, and goalie Keith Kinkaid from New Jersey.

To record the press conference, many reporters place their phones on the coach's podium. Which is how it happened that Tortorella was the one to answer the call from Reed's mom. Funny stuff!

Watch the video again, then go and call mom yourself!

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