NHL mascot Gritty goes to the wrong Toronto!

The Philadelphia Flyers muppety monster was on his way to cheer on the team, but got lost along the way
Gritty Got the name right, at least... (Twitter/@GrittyNHL)

The 2020 NHL Playoffs have reached their second round. One of the clubs still alive is the Philadelphia Flyers, who are currently against the New York Islanders team. It's the kind of series where the players could use all the support they can get. But, of course, no fans are allowed in the Eastern Conference hub city of Toronto. Still, maybe an official team mascot could get in?

This seemed to be the thinking of Gritty, the Flyers famously fluffy orange mascot. So he set out on a journey from Philadelphia to Toronto!

Road trip!

Gritty was confident heading out to Toronto. He passed by the Niagara River on the way ...

... though he was curious about one missing detail. Oh well, no matter. Because before long, he was exactly where he needed to be.


While he waited for the game to start, he took a spin around Canada's largest city. A strangely small-looking largest city ...

Hmm. This was getting odd for Gritty. He couldn't even find the Flyers captain, Claude Giroux. Why wouldn't the players come pick him up?

He went in search of them and then came across a familiar sight. A too familiar sight.

An American flag? But he was in Toronto!

Wasn't he? Yes. Sort of. He was in Toronto. Toronto, OHIO, USA. Oh no, Gritty!

What a bummer! There was only one thing left to do.

Head home. We're sorry to hear that it didn't work out Gritty. But we're sure the Flyers are feeling your love and support all the way from Toronto, Ohio, and Toronto, Canada!

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  1. Haha, i love hockey even thought my favourite team is Canucks this video was very entertaining.


  2. Toronto, Ohio is a small city with small buildings. Toronto, Ontario is a big city with big buildings. Toronto, Ohio is the Gem City. Toronto, Ontario is Diversity Our Strength. Toronto, Ohio has an American flag. Toronto, Ontario has a Canada flag. There are not many people in Toronto, Ohio. There are lots of people in Toronto, Ontario. Toronto, Ohio is on the Ohio River. Toronto, Ontario is on Lake Ontario.

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