Nike’s new golf shoes are made of grass

No, they don't need watering.
golf shoes Oh no, they didn't. (Oh yes, they did...) (© Juan Moyano -

Getting the latest, craziest sneakers on the market is just one of many ways to stand out. You know, like: "Ah, no WAY! Where did you get those kicks?? They're siiiiiick."


And so forth.

But sometimes, the latest, craziest shoes on the market are just, well, crazy. As in plum loco. As in what were they thinking? For some context, please turn your attention Exhibit A.


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Yes, these are the newest Nike golf shoes and, yes, the ones in the middle are covered in artificial grass, and, yes, they are really happening. (Check your calendars—April 1st isn't for another two months.)

We have questions

So many questions. Do they need watering? Is it potentially dangerous to wear them while mowing the lawn?

And of course ... Why?

Did we miss a new movement in athletic footwear? Are there basketball shoes covered in wood slats? Should we expect hockey skates made of, uh, ice?

As of right now, Nike is just letting the pictures of these golf shoes do the talking. And they certainly are interesting  ... wait a minute. Green fuzzy shoes. Who would look sharp in green, fuzzy shoes?

Well, that theory just about covers it. We hope that Oscar digs his new sneakers. And now, as Sesame Street's grumpiest resident would say, SCRAM!

(Just kidding—we'll see you back here tomorrow for more news! Haha)

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