Olly is a speedy Jack Russell with zero quit

Watch this adorable dog fail an agility course in the best way possible
olly crufts dog show Whooooops! Olly takes a tumble but gets right back up! (Screenshot courtesy of Crufts/YouTube)

Crufts is a world-famous dog show in the United Kingdom. It has been held since 1891, making it the pick of the litter, in addition to having a name that sounds like something a dog actually came up with. ("Hey, Rex! What should we call the new dog show, boy?" "CRUFTS! CRRRRUFTS!")

For real, this is a big deal in the canine world. A dog can't even be entered in Crufts without getting at least a Top 3 finish at an earlier dog show licensed by The Kennel Club, the oldest official dog breeding organization in the world. (Geez, who knew the dog show world was so intense?) But this doesn't mean that these people (and their amazing pups) don't know how to have a good laugh.

Just ask a Jack Russell terrier named Olly...

The need for speed

On Friday, March 10th, one of the events at Crufts was Rescue Dog Agility. This is where dogs run super fast through an agility course that includes leaping over barriers, running through tunnels, and weaving through tight poles. To give you an idea of what it usually looks like, here is the winner in Large Dogs Agility from 2014, Tempo In Motion.

Pretty amazing, right? Our hero Olly was entered in this year's Rescue Dog Agility competition. And things went, well, have a look...

Oops! Here's the thing though. A performance like Tempo In Motion's is super inspiring. What an amazing dog! But Olly? Well, he is inspiring, too. That little pup never gives up, does he? And what's more? He just loves to run! Kind of makes us want to bust out the front door right now and run around until we fall over.

So here's to you, Olly. You've made us proud, that's for sure!

And as an added bonus, enjoy this footage of a bulldog named Pot Roast (Eeeee!) competing in a horse/dog agility competition. (Things really start to get funny around :30 in.)

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  1. It was hilarious when the dog went into the horse jump. Dogs can be really funny and cute! At least the dog tried to go through the obstacle course. It was funny when the dog knocked the pillar over. It was funny and sad when Olly fell down and got back up.

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