Panda triplets say Happy Chinese New Year with dumplings

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See how just writing the word gets people's attention? Hey, we're no different. So when we heard that Meng Meng, Shuai Shuai, and Ku Ku — the world's only panda triplets (that's them above back in 2014) — were celebrating Chinese New Year by eating handfuls of dumplings, we were like "let's DO this!"

Fancy feast!

Chinese New Year occurs every year somewhere between the final week of January and the middle of February (this variation is because the Chinese calendar is based on the lunar, or moon, cycle, not the solar one). This year, the New Year was on February 16.

That day, the staff at Chimelong Safari Park in Guangzhou, China greeted the panda triplets with an awesome feast. Bamboo shoots and leaves were on the menu, of course, as were carrots. But nothing made the black and white fur balls more excited than the dumplings. Made of cornmeal and shaped into gold ingots (or bars), they were truly a delicious treat for the world's most famous pandas.

Anyway, we just wanted to share that panda-rific awesomeness with you. Happy Year of the Dog to everyone!

Here's a bonus video from 2014 when Meng Meng, Shuai Shuai, and Ku Ku's names were first announced.

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