Paper sculptures that stretch? Watch these marvels unfold!

Felix Semper is an artist that does incredible works of art with sheets of paper
paper sculptures Think that this is all that you can do with folded sheets of paper? Artist Felix Semper wants you to think again ... (© Ivanazerovnik -

When most of us think of 'art' and 'paper' together, we're likely to think of drawing.

Sure, but have you got anything else? Maybe cutting a row of snowflakes? The Japanese art of origami? That stuff is pretty stellar.

But we've got something that we're pretty sure will blow your mind.

Meet Felix Semper.

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This is one of his paper sculptures. That doesn't look like it's made out of paper to me, you say?

Well ...

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Yep. It's paper.

Felix's art is pretty much one of a kind. From bags of potato chips to sneakers, he makes paper sculptures out of hundreds, even thousands of sheets of paper that are stuck together, chiseled into shape, and then painted.

And why would he go to all of this trouble? Presumably so he can enjoy the sensation of pulling these sculptures apart and back together, like some lost collection of Andy Warhol's slinkies. (Warhol was a famous American artist who was a leader of the Pop Art movement, which turned everyday items like Coca-Cola bottles and soup cans into works of art.) We can't deny—it looks like a lot of fun!

For more on his one-of-a-kind creations, check out this video put together by Mashable. Art is truly anything that you want it to be!

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