Pumpkinferno is a-blazingly amazing!

"Those aren't pumpkins! No WAY is that made of pumpkins! .... Huh. Pumpkins!"
pumpkinferno Are you ready to see the best pumpkin carvings EVER? Welcome to Pumkinferno! (Courtesy of Ottawa Tourism)

In the October issue of OWL Magazine (on newsstands now!), we had our fair share of spooky stuff, including bat bots, zombie costumes, and creepy origami paper art. (Horrorgami, anyone?)

We also promised some Halloween bonus art on this very website, and hold on tight: here it comes.

Are you ready for...Pumpkinferno?

Can't hold a candle to this gathering

Embed from Getty Images

"Wait, I thought YOU packed the pumpkins! Now we gotta turn back..." A more normal, pumpkin-less day at Upper Canada Village. (Getty Embed)

Upper Canada Village, near Cornwall, Ontario, is one of the country's largest living history sites. Normally, it's a place that people can go to be transported back in time to feel what life was like in the 1860s.

But every year, through September and October, it hosts Pumpkinferno. Think that your street has some pretty great jack-o'-lanterns on Halloween night? That might be true, but we're almost 100% sure that it has nothing on this gourdly gathering. There are over 7,000 pumpkins used to create displays that go further than any pumpkin carvings we've ever seen. It's almost impossible to believe that these are really pumpkins we're looking at.

But believe us...they are!

Let's just let the pictures speak from themselves, shall we?

Happy Halloween, everyone!

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  1. I want to go the pumpkin patch. I want to see the fairy in her pretty dress. I want to see the dragon. I want to be Mr.Home Depot Man for Hallowe’en. I am going to Pumpkinferno this weekend!

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