Seagulls photobomb London traffic cameras

Cue the silliness as giant birds "attack" England! (Not really!)
seagulls photobomb "Be honest. Would you rather look at traffic? Or my beautiful beak?!" (TfL Traffic news/Twitter)

Traffic cameras are used all over the world. They are the extra eyes that help tell us whether or not that trip to the airport is going to require an extra hour or not... or if that drive to the mall is really worth it at all (maybe next weekend, folks!). Or so we think.

For a seagull in London, these traffic cameras are no different than most cameras in the world. They're just another opportunity to look good.

Is this thing on?

Transport for London Traffic News is a twitter account that keeps Londoners up-to-date on the snags and snares on the highways around England's biggest city. Normally, it's a pretty all-business account. They tweet dozens of times a day, but just alerts about the roads and accidents. Not the sort of stuff that's getting a bunch of likes or retweets.

But as it turns out, when seagulls photobomb traffic cameras, stars are born. And apparently, the seagull also took notice of its new fame. After its April 29 visit, it came back the very next day.

And then again on May 1... this time with a friend!

Graeme and Steve! Adorable! In the video that TfL Traffic News released below, Graeme (or is this one Steve?) had been viewed in action hundreds of millions of times!

Vain in the bird brain

So now you know. Seagulls photobomb traffic cameras. And they're not alone. To sign off, we're going to leave you with this video of a cockatoo photobombing a traffic camera in Australia.

Birds and traffic cameras. It's a global love affair! Who knew?

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  1. You know what’s more hilarious? Th cockatoo photobombed that traffic camera…UPSIDE-DOWN 8-O!

  2. lol! that’s so funny! only if a monkey photobombs it next…lol ??the only thing funnier than the 2 seagulls is the cockatoo PHOTO BOMBING IT UPSIDE DOWN ????????

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