Sidney Crosby celebrates 30th birthday in Halifax

Pittsburgh Penguins superstar brings the Stanley Cup to fans with a parade near his hometown
sidney crosby Crosby had a 30th birthday to remember yesterday! (© Jerry Coli | Dreamstime)

There is a tradition in the NHL that goes back to at least the 1994 champions, the New York Rangers. Each player on the title-winning team gets to have one day with the league's top trophy, the Stanley Cup.

Players usually take it back to their hometowns for a party with family and friends. Often, the Cup visits are also a big event for the public, because the player will hold a meet-and-greet so that people can touch the trophy. These moments are always going to be special, especially in a town or city that doesn't have an NHL team and doesn't regularly get close to the world's best hockey players.

But once-in-a-while, a visit from the Cup is even more exceptional. Such as when your hometown hockey hero just happens to be the world's best player and he's celebrating his 30th birthday.

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That's exactly what happened yesterday in Halifax when the Pittsburgh Penguins' captain Sidney Crosby came to town with the Cup on his 30th birthday.

Hey, it's your birthday, too? No way!

Crosby grew up in Cole Harbour, Nova Scotia, a small suburb of Halifax. This made the nearby city (which is the largest in the Maritimes) the perfect place to hold a party most people won't ever forget.

Crosby drove through downtown in a white pickup truck with the Cup, stopping to sign autographs, take pictures, and talk with fans. Fans even sang "Happy Birthday" to him... or was it to Nova Scotia?

Turns out, this was also Natal Day in Nova Scotia, which serves as the province's birthday. In fact, Crosby was serving as the Grand Marshal of the Natal Day Parade. So, that parade, Sidney? It wasn't just for you, okay? (Just kidding, you're pretty alright!)

Back-to-back champ gives back

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Crosby clearly was happy to be giving back to his hometown. He also took the Cup to a local hospital to visit sick kids, and surprised kids at a hockey camp, too. And this was all before making the trip to Rimouski, Quebec later that day for another parade (Crosby played junior hockey for the Rimouski Oceanic before being drafted to the NHL by Pittsburgh).

For a player who has now won three Stanley Cups, two of them back-to-back, and also won last year's Conn Smythe (playoffs MVP) and Maurice Richard (top goal scorer) trophies, the day was a good example of how humble he is.

And while he may be 30, there's no way that Sidney Crosby is done. Do you think he and Pittsburgh can win the Cup a third time in row? NHL training camp starts in a little over a month. You can bet that he'll be ready to give it a try!

Watch highlights of Crosby's amazing career so far below!

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