Gymnast Simone Biles is an absolute superstar

And fellow American Katelyn Ohashi isn't so bad either...
simone biles Simone Biles on the balance bean at the 2016 Rio Olympics. She was great then. She's even better now. (© Zhukovsky -

Well, this is it! For most of you, this is the final weekend before heading back to school for another year. It's a time that can leave many of us a bit nervous. Why not?

New year, new teacher, new class... But hey, this isn't the first time you've started a school year, right? And everyone is in the same boat. But just in case you needed an extra dose of confidence about the resolve of the human spirit... May we present Simone Biles.

Viva, Simone!

In case you don't know, Simone Biles is a 22-year-old American gymnast who is practically superhuman in her abilities. If you're like us (a.k.a. not a gymnast), pretty much anything one of these athletes can do makes us shake our heads in amazement. The thing about Simone? She does that to other gymnasts.

This video is from the recent US Gymnastics Championships held August 8–11 in Kansas City. We just want to share her balance beam routine because it is jaw-dropping, especially her dismount (when she leaves the beam). This move, called a double-double, is normally only done in a floor routine. She's doing it on a raised surface just 10 cm (4 inches) wide. Watch again and again below...

Ohashi? Oh yeah!!

Want even more gymnastic excellence? Us, too! Here's superstar Katelyn Ohashi at last week's Aurora Games, dropping a perfect 10 floor routine with so much joy and spirit she looks like she'd explode off the screen.

Wow, right? So first day of school? Just think of Simone and Katelyn and leap on in. You've got this!

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