Soccer dog invasion ruins VERY important match!

Someone give this pup a red card ... for excessive cuteness!
soccer dog How DARE that puppy! (© Daniela Jakob -

Look, people. Sports is serious business.

It's a competition between two relentless forces—teams of athletes whose physical abilities are considered to be top tier. We marvel at the gravity of the spectacle before us, as heroes and villains clash in the exchange of energy and fortune that—

Hold on. Sorry ... is that ... a dog on the field?

PUPPY! Who's a good boy? Who's a good boy? Who cares what the score is?! There's a DOG here! Who wants a belly rub? YOU want a belly rub! Yes, you do!

(We really like doggies)

Ahem. Sorry, where were we?

Even in that arena of fierce fascination—that brutal ballet known as 'sport'—there can still, by chance, arrive a moment of such tender serendipity that could even disrupt heavy competition between eternal foes FC Dila and Torpedo Kutaisi of the Erovnuli Liga - that's the top division of professional football in the country of Georgia.

Witness an animal-initiated pause between the competing teams unfold into scenes of, umm, cheerful frolic ...

Okay, you know what? A dog ran onto the pitch at a soccer match in the country of Georgia last Sunday. And we loved it. We now call this pup 'Soccer Dog.'

We love you, Soccer Dog.

Watch Soccer Dog below.

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